support and resistance EA

This EA work on three indicators are - Index of support and resistance -bayevot and MACD
These three indicators are not running together, but we can choose the index, which will ea work done by the input (and the best indicator is an indicator of support and resistance) and the normal for this ea input .
We also think thatthis ea depends on the support and built ... has two strategies in trading index support and resistance are:
The first strategy (which in the Settings ea natural)
Based on trading or trading at break support or resistance
The second strategy (and can be done from the input )
Based on trading or trading between support and resistance bands
It is my experience that the first better than the second

the input :
Sorry .. There are some input of the regular I will not describe it ..
secure profit = take profit
mm = money managment (1mean mm work-0mean mm not work
reverse condition = 0
It is intended as trading within the scope of support and resistance trading at or penetrate support Aoualemquaomp
Important will be zero vocation - to be trading at Penetrations
risk = 12
Risk possible and provide as desired .. It is linked to the management of capital or mm If the danger is working and is working contrary
openorderbasedon = 2
0 ----------- macd
1 ------------ pivot
2 ------------ supres

The advantages and disadvantages and my ea it:
Best Time Frame, and my point is time .. and found that most of the operations of this successful ea..
ea can not be relied upon to be placed on server or a real account is under development
The main disadvantages of this ea that if price breaks support and resistance, and soon reverted to Lucane .. any penetration and it opens an imaginary example of this process if the price touch the resistance and the opening of the Long and the price rebounded ea and language code will read the resistance and support is to open up the Long also

Place the input support and resistance as you beck Taste and you will see , enjoy


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